WanJia Elementary School

Located in rural Guizhou, China, WanJia Elementary School is an elementary school for grades K-6. Guizhou is one of the least developed and most rural provinces of China, and WanJia Elementary is located in a very remote mountainous region, accesible by many hours via mountainous roads. The current school building was donated in 1998 by Walker Wallace and Christina Ye. Since then the school has built itself up to 7 classes from grades K through 6th of a total of 157 students. The school is located on the only paved road within several hours of driving, and all students walk to school. Students spend anywhere from fifteen minutes to an hour and a half to walk to school, regardless of the weather. 

家小学位于中国贵州省的九龙村, 它提供学前班到六年级的教育。贵州是中国最穷的省份之一。万家小学的交通很不方便。要是想出行的话,坐车要走几个小时的山路。这所学校是 1998年由Walker Wallace先生和Christina Ye女士捐钱建造。学校有七个班,学前班到六年级。这个学校建在方圆几十里唯一的柏油路上。有的学生上学要走一个半小时的路程。

The school itself consists of a three story brick building facing a concerte courtyard. The classrooms have no lighting and no air conditioning. The students sit in pairs on benches at desks. In addition, the classrooms have a chalkboard at both ends of the room, and a podium and desk at the front of the room. The building also contains a public announcement system and a computer in a computer room. The courtyard is equipped with a pair of basketball hoops, a few tables, and a ping pong table.


The restroom facilities at the school consist of two sets of naturally ventilated concrete pits, seperated by concrete panels. There is neither running water for these bathrooms, nor is there a place to wash hands. The bathroom is open to the air and located in the back of the school. 


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