The Gift of Reading

As a child, reading was always something that was taken for granted. We as children in this part of the world indeed have always had access to an ample amount of novels, stories, picture books, and other wonderful books to explore. I remember repeatedly being chastised as a child for reading too much instead of too little, for spending too much time to read. Some of us even are not even that interested in reading at times, and as a result can even view reading as a nuisance. Wanjia students not only do not have this sentiment, but they also for the most part lack the opportunity to even develop an opinion on reading. They are so poor that they do not have the income to spend on books to read, and so many are deprived of the ability to even experience reading for a first time, let alone fall in love with it as so many of us have. The students certainly fell in love with the few books we brought each class in the Summer of 2013, but we were only able to bring about one book per student. Our goal for the next time we return this winter is to be able to bring even more books than we did last time, and I hope that through donations we are able to bring several books for each student to truly experience the world of reading. 

~Austin Wu

Students read books just received in the classroom as their teacher describes the care with which they should treat their new books, as well as rules for them.

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