Colorful Guizhou

The province of Guizhou, China is located in the southwestern region of the country. With a captial of Guiyang, Guizhou,  is comprised of mainly mountainous regions. It has a subtropical climate and as a result while it is not too warm or too cold in the mountains come summer while it does rain constantly. Guizhou is for the majority a rural province, and as a result is realtively undeveloped even in its larger cities. However, Guizhou is home to some of the most beautiful natural locations in all of China such as the Huangguoshu falls, the largest waterfall in China. The region is abundant in natural resources and also home to the producers of the Maotai liquor. 


Guizhou is very mountainous and it's population centers are difficult to travel to; as a result, industrial development in the area is lagging a few decades behind the rest of the country. Its mountainous regions inhibit the construction of transportation infrastructure and force the population to adopt a lower standard of living due to the lack of economic development. 


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