Working hard in and out of school

The students of WanJia Elementary all live in a very rural part of China. As a result, the students all have daily chores in the farmlands to do, which take up precious hours of their day. Many times, these students live with their grandparents since their parents have found work in big cities, and must do all the manual labor since they are now the only people in the family physically capabale of doing so.


Each day, students must gather grass for their family's livestock to feed on. Since most animals most graze continuously througout the day, students journey out into the mountains each day to cut wild grasses for their livestock to feed on. This is a process that must be repeated every day in order for the livestock to survive. Depending on the distance and the amount of grass needed, students can spend anywhere from one to three hours a day on just this process.


Each year, students must harvest seeds and grain from the fields in order to sustain next year's crops and themselves. The seeds are slowly threshed out with a bamboo tool by repeatedly hitting the seeds out. 

After several hours of this process, the seeds are left underneath and left to dry with the wheat. After the seeds and wheat dry, they are collected and stored.

每年,学生们要帮助家里收割粮食和种子。种子是明年用来播种用地。种子的收采过程需要用一个竹棍不停的敲打。 几个小时之后,种子放在太阳地下晾干。干来以后,在把粮食和种子存起来。

Students' famiilies have various livestock in their posession, and these livestock all must be attended to. They must be fed and watered, their waste must be cleaned, and they have to all be let out and put back in. This entire process, while seemingly simple, is painstakingly carried out with meticulous detail by each of these children every day.


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